That Was Quick...

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Levi Ismail joined Tegna’s KHOU (Houston) in March 2018 coming from WBBH in Fort Myers, Florida.

According to his KHOU bio, which has been scrubbed from the station’s website, Ismail “is proud to call Houston his home.”

But now, just a little over a year, Ismail has left the Tegna station.

Employees got the internal memo from General Manger Robert Springer and it was obtained by FTVLive:

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Seems odd that the GM is writing a memo about a Reporter leaving. It also seems odd that Ismail is leaving after just a year and a couple of months. If it happened on his one year cycle back in March, you would think that the stations just decided not to renew his deal.

But, since it happened 3 months after his one year cycle, you wonder what the deal is?

Something doesn’t smell right and since TV stations are very bad about being straight up when it involves their own, it’s a good bet we won’t get the real story behind this exit.

Don’t you just love the communications business?