Police Officer's Death is Streamed on Facebook Live

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This is what it has come to….

A St. Louis area police officer’s death was streamed on Facebook for all to see.

The store clerk who streamed live Facebook video showing a dying police officer at a Wellston market now says she regrets doing it and is now getting death threats.

“I don’t know why I went to Facebook. I don’t know,” Kashina Harper said through tears Monday. “I regret it. I didn’t know the officer was going to die.”

Harper said she only started videotaping Police Officer Michael Langsdorf on the ground after she called for help. She said she knelt beside him, reached for the radio near his belt and pushed the button to let a dispatcher know an officer had been shot.

“I’m the one who tried to save that man,” Harper said. “I went to his walkie-talkie. I said, ‘A police is down. Somebody shot him. 6250 Page. Can you please hurry up?’ I was calling for help. I held his hands.”

Then she stepped back and live-streamed for more than two minutes, showing two women comforting the officer until two police officers arrived.

“C’mon hurry up,” Harper yells on the video. “Oh my god, I’m shaking.”

But it doesn’t end there, the St. Louis Post Dispatch linked to Harper’s video on their website.

The paper deleted the link and acknowledged that posting the link was bad news judgment and has apologized to the officer’s family and to readers.

Readers reacted on social media:

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Harper said she will never use Facebook Live again, unless it’s to explain to followers that she meant well. She didn’t want to do it on Monday because her face was swollen from crying.

“They need to shut it down because how I’m feeling right now. It changed my life in 24 hours,” she said of Facebook Live. “(I’m) asking for help and they took it in another situation.”

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch