Stelter Goes Off on Headlines

CNN media critic Brian Stelter does not like the fact that media outlets are using President Trump’s own words in headlines of stories about President Trump.


It seems Stelter thinks that media outlets should not use Trump’s words in headlines because most of those words are lies.

“We are 2 1/2 years into the Trump presidency and news outlets are still putting Trump’s far-fetched and false assertions right in the headlines and sometimes right on the TV banners,” Stelter said on his ironically named show Reliable Sources.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.43.47 AM.png

Of course, then Stelter showed a number of banners from Fox News, his favorite target.

Stelter thinks that the headlines are not factual and media outlets should no longer take what Trump says and make it a headline.

The fact that Trump says that “millions” will be deported is news in ICE raids is news. The fact that the that the real number is only a couple of thousand, is also news.

Why can’t the headline read, “Trump Claims Millions will be Deported in Ice Raids”?

That doesn’t not mean it’s the case, but it is a fact that Trump said it. The viewer or reader can decide if it is a lie or not.

While were talking about headlines…


This is one that Stelter harped on for days, despite the fact that Oprah Winfrey said a number of times she was not interested in running for President.

If Trump says “There were very good people on both sides,” why can’t that be a headline? A headline does not mean it is true, it just means it is news.

Also, Stelter acts like the idea of misleading headlines are something new and have only started happening when Trump was elected.

Not quite: