Ex-Fox News Reporter Slaps Back at the Network

Former Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron is taking a few swings at his former network.

Cameron says that he left FNC because the"right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation."

Now he is joining Front Page Live, a website whose goal is, in part, to serve as an antidote to the conservative Drudge Report.

He will be the chief political correspondent at the left leaning website but adds that the goal is “about facts, not partisanship”,

Cameron said he joined Fox News in its early days because the "idea of fair and balanced news appealed to me."

"But over the years, the right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation. I left," he added.

Cameron said his job at Front Page Live will be to "inform — that's it" and touted the new website as "a powerful resource for anyone who wants real facts over partisan propaganda."

This is the promo that Front Page Live posted on YouTube about Cameron joining them.