Taking Over in Sacramento


It appears that former News Director Jill Manuel is getting back in the game.

This morning. Manuel starts as the new News Director……errrrrrr….. Director of Content at Tegna’s KXTV in Sacramento.

Manuel was last seen in the business walking out the door at The Firm’s WFLD in Chicago, where she was the Deuce.

Manuel then did what many former news manager do when they leave TV news, she started her own media consulting company. They always say how great it is, until you offer them a job back in TV news.

Manuel takes over for Sam Cohen, who as we FIRST told you left the station back in May.

KXTV has struggled since Tegna blew it up and started doing, Facebook on TV instead of news.

But instead of calling it a struggling newsroom in her post about her new job, Manuel called it “innovative.”

Spoken like a turn media consultant.

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