News Director Out in Sacramento

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Sources tell FTVLIve that Tegna is parting ways with KXTV News Director Sam Cohen after the book.

Cohen started at KXTV back in 2015 as the Executive Producer of Digital and Social.

She was bumped up to News Director…..errrrr…. “Director of Content” in July of 2016, replacing Jerome Parra.

KXTV has been the train-wreck station in Sac Town for years and did not get any better under Cohen. The station has spent the past few years getting rid of well known high priced talent and replacing them with cheaper less experienced hires.

Yet, for some reason, Tegna can’t figure out why the station lags behind in the ratings?

FTVLive talked to people inside the Tegna station that said they are not sad to see Cohen go, but don’t really blame her for the station’s struggles.

That blame falls dead on the upper management at Tegna that wants to do “out of the box” TV news with young and inexperienced people.