This is CNN...


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Syracuse University’s Newhouse School was handing out their “Mirror Awards” and for some reason that included the Fred Dressler Leadership Award to CNN’s Jeff Zucker.

Zucker has cratered CNN and yet for some reason he got an award for it.

Anyway, while accepting the award and after being introduced my the awards MC, CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota, Zucker said, "I was gonna say that I love waking up WITH YOU every morning, but I want to say that I love waking up TO YOU every morning."

His sexually suggestive joke was mostly met with groans from the audience.

The idea that a the head of CNN joked about sleeping with one of his anchors is a bit concerning.

Someone might want to explain the #MeToo movement to Mr. Zucker.

Just saying…