Oh Snap....

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While Jeff Zucker was making inappropriate comments at the Mirror awards, Journalist Ronan Farrow was also on hand accepting an award.

And while Farrow was not joking about sleeping with a CNN Anchor, he was calling out some network bosses as he accepted his award.

Mediaite writes that Farrow won a Mirror Award for investigative reporting for his series in The New Yorker on former CBS head Les Moonves. Farrow documented a history of alleged sexual misconduct by Moonves.

During his acceptance speech before a powerful audience, Farrow dropped this bomb.

“I see some people here who have lied to protect power in the way we’re all decrying today. People who lied to The New Yorker,” Farrow said.

Farrow also stressed the importance of media reporting to keep the industry “honest and transparent.”

I’m sorry Ronan, but I think that ship has sailed, at least in cable news anyway.