Oh Yeah... This will Work Out Just Fine

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Coming in May, Fox Nation, the new on demand subscription-based streaming service from Fox News, will host its first annual fan appreciation summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Yep, a bunch of old white people will gather to meet people like Tomi Lahren, Pete Hegseth and others.

The highlight of the summit will be when Fox Nation fans have an opportunity to pitch programming ideas to FOX Nation producers.

Let’s take a look at some possible programs for Fox Nation:

  • “Wheel of Hillary” Fox Nation spins the Hillary Clinton wheel and it will land on either “Her Emails” or “Benghazi” where then Fox Nation will spend the next 8 hours talking about which ever subject it lands on.

  • “Hannity’s True Love” on this show, Sean Hannity talk about his private late night calls with Donald Trump and shares how the only thing that Sean Hannity loves more than Trump is Sean Hannity.

  • “MexicanToss with Tomi” on this show, Tomi Lahren walks up to Mexican families, grabs their children and tosses them back over the wall. If the kid is too heavy, Lou Dobbs will step in and help.

  • “Patriot Pete’s Ax Throwing” Fox News host Pete Hegseth walks around America throwing axes at immigrants.

Let’s just say, if you are old and white, May 14th is going to be your day in Scottsdale, Arizona.