You Knew it Was Coming


Lara Logan quietly parted ways with CBS last year and was not heard from.

Then she went on a podcast and claimed that the media is “mostly liberal.” She said that by calling out the “liberal media” she was committing “professional suicide.”

At the time FTVLive wrote, “Towards the end of the interview, Logan said, “this interview is professional suicide for me.” Or maybe land her a job with one of the conservative media outlets in 3…..2…..”

Well guess what?

Conservative media giant Sinclair has announced that it has hired Logan as a “special correspondent.”

Is anyone surprised?


Sinclair says that hiring Logan for a three-month stint as a special correspondent focusing on the U.S.-Mexico border.

"There's no interference whatsoever," Logan said. "The mandate is to just go down there and come back with great stories. That's it.... I never expected that at this point in my career, after all these years, I would have that kind of freedom."

"We've had conversations on and off for probably more than a year," said Scott Livingston, Sinclair's vice president of news. "We're thrilled to have her on our team. I think she's a great fit. She's smart, dynamic, resilient and tough as nails. She's an incredible journalist.... To be able to add an elite reporter to our team is an incredible opportunity for us."

Asked whether the gig could become a more permanent role, Logan said it's hard to predict: "I'm not a prophet. It just depends." When asked the same question, Livingston said, "I hope so."

Logan anticipates being "targeted" by critics for taking on the assignment. "I don't know if I'm going to even survive this," she said.

"What we know is that Media Matters for America hates [Sinclair] more than Fox News," she said. "Sinclair is not the devil that Media Matters and the propaganda makes it out to be."

It will be interesting to see what tone her stories take?

Stay tuned….

H/T The Hollywood Reporter