Shaking My Head...



When it comes to people in the media that have their lips firmly planted on Donald Trump’s ass, the 4 in order is:

Sean Hannity
Boris Epshteyn
Lou Dobbs
and Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz drove past the last exit of the freeway of relevance sometime ago. But, he is still doing his best to try and carry Trump’s water whenever he can.

This weekend he sent out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 4.19.30 AM.png

So, Kurtz wants the media to praise his buddy Trump for walking away from a deal that every President in history would have walked away from.

It’s almost like Kurtz is saying that Trump is such and idiot, the media should give him credit for not fucking up and accepting a deal that no one in their right mind would every accept.

It seems that Kurtz wants the media to just lower the bar in Trump all the way to the ground.