Even the Right is Sick of Her Attention Seeking


Laura Loomer, who came this/close to being hired at Meredith’s station in Las Vegas, was kicked out of the conservative CPAC conference for more of her antics.

Loomer applied for and was granted a press pass, despite the fact that she does not work for a media outlet.

Loomer’s press pass was revoked after the right-wing activist heckled CNN Reporter Oliver Darcy in a media area of the annual conservative gathering.

Loomer is said to believe that Darcy is at least partly responsible for her being banned by Twitter.

Loomer talked to The Wrap about being banned by “her own people.”

“It’s egregious that CPAC and Matt Schlapp have decided to bow to the leftist outrage mob and ban one of President Trump’s most prominent supporters,” Loomer told TheWrap. “I am extremely offended an appalled that I’ve been banned by my own people. I came to support president Trump today and celebrate the great accomplishments that he’s made as president of the United States of America. I am extremely saddened as somebody who came here to raise awareness of social media biases that I am being censored by CPAC.”

What Loomer does not seem to understand (and sadly many other Reporters don’t as well) is that as a Journalist you are not on one side or the other. You job is to tell both sides of the story, do so objectively and move on.

Laura Loomer is not and never will be a “Journalist” and for that fact alone, she should never be given press credentials to anything.