Nice Timing...


On Friday, FTVLive pointed you to some sexy photos of KHOU (Houston) Weather Anchor Lisa Vaughn that were posted to Instagram.

The pictures which included a topless photo were taken and posted to Photographer Al Torres.

We wrote, “….the photos that Torres posted that might be raising a few eyebrows (along with other things) at Tegna.”

It wasn’t long after FTVLive posted the story that Torres took down the sexy pics and scrubbed them from his IG. Vaughn’s IG went offline for a bit and she also deleted some photos.

On Saturday morning, Vaughn went on air and announced she was was pregnant.

Talk about a subject change. Vaughn said she was 4 months along and is set to give birth late this Summer.

The timing of the announcement was not lost on KHOU insiders. I looks like the timing of her pregnancy announcement might help her, “fend off any possible negative repercussions from management,” said one insider to FTVLive. 

We can’t answer if that was her intent, but it sure was interesting how it all timed out.

Just saying….