Ooo la la... (Updated X2)

Update: The topless and sexy photos have been pulled off the Instagram accounts. Guess the bosses did not appreciate them as much as we did

KHOU (Houston) Weather Anchor Lisa Vaughn has some pictures posted on Instagram that might have her Tegna bosses blushing just a bit.

Vaughn was the weather anchor at KRIV and then left the station. It wasn’t long before she popped up on Tegna’s KHOU, doing the weather as a freelancer.

It seems that Vaughn has also been doing a bit of modeling on the side and working with Houston Photographer Al Torres.

Vaughn posted this to her Instagram:

But it was the photos that Torres posted that might be raising a few eyebrows (along with other things) at Tegna.

Update: The topless photo below was removed by the Photographer.

I’m thinking she might want to trot out this look for the May book.

Just a thought…