Sinclair Swings the Ax


Sources are telling FTVLive that Sinclair drove the pink slip express up to the doors of WKEF/WRGT and starting laying people off.

An insider tells us that, “the assignment editor, night side digital, sports department, several marketing jobs, production and couple of sales staff were eliminated. Maybe more. It’s in the double digits,” the source told FTVLive.

Word is that station management didn’t send out any emails about the cuts because they were afraid they “would end up on FTVLive,” according to a source.

An insider says that Sports Anchor Eric Onyechefule is being moved to a morning reporting job, which he is not happy about.

Sources did say that management did hold an afternoon meeting to announce that Sinclair will be launching a new app on May 1st with content aggregated from Sinclair stations across Ohio.

The app is called Project Seagull internally, but will be known as Ohio 24/7 when it launches.

Seagull might be the perfect name for something from Sinclair. Because, as you know, seagulls fly in, shit all over the place and then leave.