Reporter Fulfills Childhood Dream as He Walks Into Newsroom


As a boy, Eric Cox dreamed of reporting the news in his hometown of Chicago.

He is now living that dream.

Robert Feder writes that Cox just signed on at CBS O&O WBBM.

“As I walked into the newsroom, it felt so surreal,” Cox wrote on Facebook. “I’m finally doing what I love in my hometown TV market. It was my grandmother who planted the seed that grew into my passion for reporting. I still remember sitting on her lap in front of the TV watching the news. Back then, I never would have guessed I’d be the guy someone would see on that screen.”

Cox most recently was a news anchor and reporter at KMOV, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis. He previously was a reporter at WRTV, the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, and WBND, the ABC affiliate in South Bend, Indiana.

On a footnote, FTVLive had the same kind of dream of working at the station we grew up watching. We fulfilled the dream and the station was a dump and by the time we got there was run by an awful company.

Our dream was much more like a nightmare.

Let’s hope things work out better for Eric….