Taking on Cancer


WWAY (Wilmington, NC) Anchor Randy Aldridge is going to miss the bulk of the Feb book as he battles cancer.

In a post on the station’s website, Aldridge writes,

“I have Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Stage 3. It is a type of colorectal cancer that has presented in my anus, groin, lymph nodes and prostate. It sits in my lower pelvis and for lack of a better description feels (all the time) like I just took a massive kick to the balls.

It is painful to sit and is uncomfortable all the rest of the time.

It is also very rare for a man my age to have this type of cancer. It usually presents in older, African-American men.

When I was first diagnosed I went to the internet.

I am an idiot (especially for that).

That is where I read there is a 37-percent survival rate for this type of cancer and then had to crawl under the covers for a while.

Don’t go to the internet!”

He underwent his first treatment and by the look on his face (picture), he is taking cancer on much better than many of us would.

We wish him nothing but the best.