We Call Bullshit! (Updated)

We have to call out WCBS in New York for trying to deceive their viewers.

The station did a story about their News Chopper and the crew that fly and report from it.

Here is the tweet that WCBS sent out to promote the story:

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.11.51 AM.png

FTVLive watched the story online and they also used this shot of “Chopper 2.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.15.41 AM.png

The problem is that “Chopper 2” they are showing is the chopper for KCBS in LA.

WCBS is still sharing its helicopter with Fox O&O WNYW and it looks nothing like this one. The aircraft used by Fox and CBS is white and logo-less, and is a Bell 206 not an A-Star.

When you watch the story, you see the real chopper that WCBS uses in the background and it has no logo and is just plain white.

A station using video of another station’s chopper located 3000 miles away is wrong!

You are a station in the No. 1 market and you are basically lying to viewers.

Shame on you WCBS!

Here is the story that the station air.

Update: WCBS has pulled the story down after FTVLive’s report. Hmmmmm? Was it something we said?