Yep....It's Sweeps!

There are stupid sweeps stunts and then there is KCNC in Denver.

This is what the station posted on their website, “Sports anchor Michael Spencer wants your help crafting his 10 p.m. sportscast.”

They go on to say, “Michael is taking suggestions via social media for words or phrases to incorporate into tonight’s 10 p.m. news in a segment he calls #WordUpWednesday. The words or phrases can be off-the-wall, funny, or just plain difficult. To take part in tonight’s #WordUpWednesday you can find Michael on Twitter where his handle is @MichaelCBS4 or you can view his facebook page to leave a comment.”

The station then adds, “Make sure to tune in to tonight’s sportscast on CBS4 to see if your word or phrase makes the air!”

What the hell has happened to just giving the news without gimmicks and in a professional way?

Here is a clip of his sportscast and I guess the “ding” are words that the viewers sent in.

Funny my “This is the stupidest thing a station has ever done” did not make the list.