WTAE (Pittsburgh) tossed live to Reporter Beau Berman and what viewers got was Beau staring at his phone for about 5 seconds before coming back to the studio.

This is the one thing that used to drive me crazy as a News Director.

Back in the day, you used to sit in the control room with a Producer, Director, Technical Director, Audio Operator, Chyron Operator and a Live Shot Coordinator.

The Live Shot Coordinator’s job was to make sure that talent’s IFB was working and they were hearing program audio. Just before the live shot the Producer would also check the same thing.

Now, thanks to cost cutting, the live booth has half as many people and mistakes like this get on air.

It’s not a huge mistake, but it takes away from the product and it just shows that quality control in TV news is more of an oxymoron.