Tegna Hires New ND on the First Coast


Back in November, FTVLive FIRST told you that WTLV News Director Meagan Harris was leaving the Tegna station at the end of the year.

We told you that Content News Manager Joe Inderhees was pitching for the ND job and was the odds on favorite to get the job.

Well guess what?

Here is the internal email sent to the staff from GM Rob Mennie and obtained by FTVLive:

Today, I am very excited to tell you Joe Inderhees has been promoted to News Director at First Coast News.

On the day Meagan announced she was leaving, I promised all of you we would do a comprehensive search in order to find the best possible person to lead this team. I am 100% confident we have found that person.

Joe began his work at First Coast News in August of 2016. He came to us from San Francisco after several other stops including on-air talent, in what is now a TEGNA station competitor, in Toledo, Ohio. His background has given him experience in many different facets of the news operation which is invaluable.

Joe’s impact on our newsroom was immediate. He worked with anchors, reporters, producers and many others throughout the building in order to make First Coast News a better operation. He has pushed innovation, culture and workflows and instituted a culture of accountability amongst those he works with. Those traits will continue to benefit Joe and the entire First Coast News team as we move forward.

During the interview process, I asked each of our candidates for a 30, 60, 90, and 180 day plan that details what they would do to make us better. Joe’s plan was clear, concise and addressed those issues where we need to improve. Joe has been a tireless worker since he arrived but has consistently reminded me that our team needs to work smarter, not harder. His outline for success addresses that issue head-on.

The search is already underway to find his replacement. Joe and I have already interviewed some strong candidates and we hope to have a person on board in the very near future.

Please join me in congratulating Joe, Lauren and Hallie Joe on his new role. Now, let’s have an outstanding February book.



What will make this hire a bit more interesting, the “Lauren” that Mennie talks about in the memo is Lauren Brennan, who happens to be Joe Inderhees’ wife. She also happens to be the Senior Content Creator at First Coast News.

That means she is now working for her husband.

This will be interesting to watch.