TV News A Game for the Entire Family

Tegna owned WTLV in Jacksonville has made a couple of new hires that has insiders talking. 

Back in June, the station hired Joe Inderhees from the NBC O&O in San Francisco to be newly created "Content News Manager." Many at the station had no idea what the "Content News Manager" does and after a few months, a number of people still haven't figure out what the job does? 

Here was the internal email that WTLV News Director Meagan Harris sent to the staff when Inderhees was hired: 

But, it wasn't Inderhees' hiring that had people talking. It was a hire this week.

Harris sent out another email saying the Tegna station has hired Lauren Brennan, also from KNTV in San Francisco. The same city and station that Inderhees worked. 

Obviously, Brennan and Inderhees know each other from working together in San Francisco. In fact, the two are married, although you would not know that from reading the internal memo. 

So, the Tegna station hires Joe Inderhees  to the newly created position of "Content News Manager". Then, they hire his wife (without saying it's his wife) to the newly created job of "Senior Content Creator."

The staff was lost on what the hell the "Content News Manager" does, they are completely lost on the "Senior Content Creator" job. 

But, what really has people talking is the fact that the station hires a husband and wife and doesn't tell anyone the two are married. Did they really think that no one would find it out?

In the first memo, Harris mentions Inderhees' wife in the last line. Saying that she went to UNF. But then never mentions Brennan's husband in the second memo. 

Also, the station hires a husband and wife and basically makes up jobs and titles for both of them. Many inside WTLV are scratching their heads and management is staying mum. 

Here is that second memo, obtained by FTVLive....