The Chris Burrous Police Report

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Over the weekend, FTVLIve posted the autopsy report on the death of KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous.

It shows that Burrous died while engaged in drug use and sex with another man in an LA area hotel room.

The details of what happened are disturbing and some would say shocking.

The Tribune station where Burrous worked has not fully reported the story and even some station insiders think that is wrong. “You can bet if this was a Hollywood star, KTLA would be dishing on every detail,” said one station employee to FTVLive.

Others are torn about the news and the fact that Burrous obviously led a double life. That life included lying to his employer and his family to sneak off to a hotel to do drugs and have sex.

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Here is the supplemental police report that was included in the Medical Examiner’s report:

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