And This is One of the Reasons Why...

Back a couple of weeks ago, FTVLive listed the Best and Worst TV Markets to work in and San Francisco topped the list as the worst.

This tweet, sent out by KPIX last night, confirms why SFO topped our list:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 3.22.52 AM.png

The station reports that Reporter Joe Vasquez and Photographer John Anglin were gathering interviews for the strike at the Oakland Library near 81st Ave. when they were robbed of their equipment.

The crew was outside their news van when a car pulled up. Two suspects got out of the car and one pulled a gun on the crew, demanding their camera. The crew surrendered the equipment and then began walking back to the van.

One suspect and the security guard exchanged fire. The guard was shot in the upper leg, transported to Highland Hospital and listed in stable condition.

Here is the story from their newscast: