Bridging the Gap

While Brian Stelter spends just about everyday ranting about Donald Trump and how bad Fox News is, his wife is going after The Gap.

NY1’s Traffic Reporter Jamie Stelter is pissed because The Gap doesn’t offer car pajamas to little girls.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 5.49.24 AM.png

Stelter later said she got a message from the Gap understanding her point of view. “Hi Jamie — Sorry you had a frustrating experience – we hear you!” read the message posted to Stelter’s Instagram account. “Our design team in NYC works to create PJs for both boys and girls to wear and love, and we agree our online shopping experience could better reflect this design intent. We are working to update ASAP.”

No word if Brian sleeps in pink unicorn PJ’s or not?

H/T Page Six