Against the Odds...


Back in January, FTVLive named KABC Reporter Veronica Miracle one of the best people in TV news for 2018.

We wrote, “If you are a newsroom full of Veronica Miracle’s, you can bet it would be a great place to work. Competent, caring and just good at her job, lands Veronica Miracle of FTVLive’s list of the best for 2018.”

But, what we did not know is that Miracle has reached a high level of success, while dealing with some big issues with her family.

Her dad has spent the past 13 years in federal prison and while he was locked up, his daughter graduated from college, got a masters degree, started her own company and became a news Reporter.

Life threw Miracle a curveball and she hit it out of the park.

Now, her Dad is getting out of prison and she will be reunited with him. As to why he went to prison, we don’t know.

But, we do know that his daughter could have just given up and just passed the blame. But, despite the odds, she carried on while her Dad was away and she has become a big success, which much more coming, we’re sure.

She loves her Dad and has never used his troubles as an excuse.

This was what she posted to Twitter yesterday and it should show all of us that, we’re all dealing with something and life is hard. But, you should not give up and make excuses and just keep on moving forward.

No matter what, we’re sure that Veronica Miracle has one very proud Dad for what his daughter has accomplished.

Here’s her thread: