CNN's Town Halls are Ratings Duds


At this point in time, maybe any Democrat that is NOT running for President in 2020 should raise their hand.

It seems that any politician with a (D) at the the end of their name has announced that they will be running for President. CNN is stacking their schedule with “Town Halls” to help show off the candidates.

You may remember it was the last Presidential election when CNN went all in on Donald Trump, giving him millions of dollars in free air time and helping him get elected.

But so far, CNN Town Halls have been a ratings dud.

Their latest town hall with Senator Amy Klobuchar was dead last in the ratings and demos. This comes on the heels of their town hall with for Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, which was also in the ratings basement.

Here are the numbers from Klobuchar’s Town Hall and how they compare to FNC and MSNBC:

10-11:15p (CNN Town Hall with Senator Amy Klobuchar)

FNC delivered 2,390,000 P2+ and 435,000 A25-54
MSNBC delivered 2,391,000 P2+ and 441,000 A25-54
CNN delivered 1,139,000 P2+ and 294,000 A25-54