CNN Hires for Trump Administration Official


While Donald Trump keeps hiring people from Fox News to his administration, now it appears that CNN is hiring people from Trump’s administration to CNN.

CNN has hired Sarah Isgur, who served as the Justice Department’s lead spokeswoman under Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a political editor.

This is not just hiring some on air blowhard to spout BS.

Isgur is being hired to help guide CNN’s coverage and needless to say, many inside the network think this is not a smart move.

“It’s just another colossal fuck up by Jeff Zucker,” said one CNN staffer to FTVLive.

CNN is not talking much about the hire, but they did say that Isgur will not play a role in covering the Department of Justice. She will also occasionally appear on air analyzing politics.

Politico writes that Isgur’s discussions with the network have sparked a whisper campaign among Trump supporters who are arguing — without evidence — that she was the source of damaging leaks against the administration.

Now matter what, CNN can’t seem to get out of it’s own way as the network continues to lose what little credibility it might have left.