Was it Something We Said?

On Friday, FTVLive called out WCBS in New York for trying to deceive their viewers and the stations lack of ethics.

The CBS O&O did a story on the station’s news helicopter and the crew that flies and reports from it.

In the story, WCBS tried to make viewers believe that an old chopper from KCBS was their news chopper.

The video showed a CBS 2 chopper flying as the Reporter talked about the WCBS news helicopter. But the video was old video of a KCBS chopper that is no longer used. Here’s a screenshot from the story:


WCBS is still sharing its helicopter with Fox O&O WNYW and it looks nothing like this one. The aircraft used by Fox and CBS is white and logo-less, and is a Bell 206 not an A-Star.

After FTVLive called out the station for their lack of ethics, WCBS pulled the video and story from their website.

No apology, no reason, just a dead page.


In these days and times when you have a President sitting in the White House calling the media “Fake News” it is actions like this that make people wonder about the media and question their ethics and journalism credentials.

The idea that such a breach happened in the No. 1 market, makes it even more head scratching.

It appears that WCBS tried to sweep the story under the rug by just deleting the story like it never even happened. But it did happen and FTVLive caught you.

Maybe CBS or the bosses at CBS should address the issue and not just trie to bury it.

Just saying…