J-School Kicks Professor to the Curb


for over 20 years Marsha Della-Giustina helped guide the students at Emerson College School of Journalism. People that were taught by her tell FTVLive that she was a tough, but fair teacher that did not pull any punches.

But now, after 20 years Della-Giustina has been removed as faculty advisor for WEBN, the school’s TV station. This all happened after the school receiving student feedback from students in the program, according to a college official.

In other words, “our boss is mean and makes us work, get rid of her.”

Many alumni are outraged by this and tell FTVLive that it is another blow to today’s Journalism.

Della-Giustina, 72, still maintains her position as a journalism professor at Emerson, but is no longer involved in the student TV station.

Chair of the Journalism Department, Janet Kolodzy, said this decision follows a survey that students participating in each of the journalism co-curriculars filled out last school year.

I have a bit of news for these kids in J-School.

When you get out into the real world and start working at a real TV station, you will have bosses that you don’t like. And guess what? You will not be able to fill out a survey to get rid of your boss.

I think Emerson went about this the wrong way. If you wanted to remove Della-Giustina, they could have done so. Letting the students make that call is not a good lesson to them or the faculty.

This tells teachers that you better treat your students with kid gloves, or they can get you replaced. This style is not preparing these kids for the real world of TV news.

Just saying….

H/T Berkeley Beacon