Can I Toss Your Salad? (Updated)


I can’t believe that Nexstar’s WNCN did a story on this and kept a straight face.

The station reported that a couple of men were going door to door with a bowl of vegetables asking women if they can show them how to “toss their salad?”

Now, I’m guessing that most of you know this, but the urban dictionary describes that tossing someone’s salad is, “To toss someone's salad is sexual slang for anilingus, or orally stimulating someone's anus.”

My guess is these guys had a camera hidden somewhere and we making some sort of prank video.

WNCN put a Reporter on the story and it was like they didn’t even understand what “tossing someone’s salad“ meant.

It’s almost like the station is playing right into the bit.

Watch the story and see.


After FTVLive posted the story of the obvious (to us) prank, Nexstar’s WNCN deleted the video and the story from their website.

They did not address the story, they just hoped no one noticed. But we did!

More on this tomorrow.