Denver Anchor Gives Up on Twitter

Back in December, FTVLive told you that KUSA Anchor Gary Shapiro was busy muting people on his Twitter timeline.

The anchor of the Tegna station’s morning newscasts had enough with the “Fake News” crap. A number of people on Twitter were claiming that Shapiro was passing along fake news and he responded to those claims.

"Today I had to mute 20 people on this thread," he wrote. "Just a reminder, we do not report fake news. If all you have to add to the discussion is 'fake news,' you are off the thread. Really, that's all you can add? That's all you have to say? It's like a bunch of 6th graders."

Well now, Shapiro says he is throwing in the towel on Twitter.

"My feed has been taken over by tons and tons of people who are from out of state and probably don't even know who I am," Shapiro says. "So except for tweeting about breaking news and weather, I'm going to shut it down."

At first Shapiro hoped that by muting the worst offenders, he could continue tweeting. But in recent weeks, he says, things have gotten worse, leading to this January 7 message: "It's obvious my Twitter feed has been hijacked by people who are not viewers of 9News, don't care about accurate reporting or facts, and just want to troll me. It's not good for anyone. I will be shutting it down, except for breaking news or weather. Feel free to follow @9NEWS."

H/T Westword