Why Did a Denver Anchor Mute 20 of His Followers on Twitter?

KUSA Anchor Gary Shapiro was busy this week muting people on his Twitter timeline.

In seems the anchor of the Tegna station’s morning newscasts had enough with the “Fake News” crap.

It seems that a number of people on Twitter were claiming that Shapiro was passing along fake news and he responded to those claims.

"Today I had to mute 20 people on this thread," he wrote. "Just a reminder, we do not report fake news. If all you have to add to the discussion is 'fake news,' you are off the thread. Really, that's all you can add? That's all you have to say? It's like a bunch of 6th graders."

On Twitter, Shapiro hardly comes across as a flamethrower. "My approach is very simple," he says. "I get here, figure out what we're reporting on TV, and tweet out some of the top stories of the day."

Shapiro avoids editorializing in his tweets. "I just try and report the news, and I believe we do that in a neutral way," he allows. "Unfortunately, many times these days, the news is about President Trump, and a lot of it isn't what President Trump's supporters see as a neutral position. I just report the facts, and they don't always take the facts that well — and they tweet back at me."

She he started muting them.

Can you blame him?

H/T Westword