Pillar or Propaganda?

Yesterday in a WORLD EXCLUSIVE story, FTVLive showed you the internal documents sent inside Sinclair as they pitched hiring Donald Trump ass kisser Boris Epshteyn and paid him north of $300,000 a year to spout his pro Trump views.

In the document, the company lists the “Pillars of this project.”

The second “pillar” is the fact that it will give Sinclair access to the White House. How the hell is this a pillar?


Is this really giving you a better understanding of strategy? It is if giving you better talking points to spew propaganda?

Also look at the costs for the “Bottom Line with Boris” for 2019 above. This crap is costing Sinclair over $800,000 bucks.

How many “real Journalists” could you hire for 800 grand?

Instead the company wastes money on this crap.

After FTVLive’s story, word is that Sinclair was desperately trying to find out how we obtained this internal document?

The document was only distributed to 22 people and now Sinclair is trying to figure out how it ended up in the hands of FTVLive.

Here is the distribution list that was attached to the original document:

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 5.11.05 AM.png