They're Back for Another Season


If you watched Thursday night NFL football on Amazon Prime, then you heard something a bit refreshing.

The NFL games were called by Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer.

Amazon announced Thursday the veteran announcing duo will return next season to call the Thursday night package on Amazon’s prime video service.

“It’s validation,” Kremer said. “You want to be able to show with actions not just words that what we did was meaningful and entertaining and people wanted to watch and listen to us and considered us a viable option to the other great choices that are out there. The fact that Amazon made this decision sooner than we expected was just a real joy to us and made us feel like we were the right choice.”

Storm and Kremer were hired last August to do the 11 Thursday night NFL games on Amazon on an alternate English-language feed to those who wanted something different from the Fox broadcast with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Amazon did not release numbers on how many people chose to listen to Storm and Kremer as opposed to the Fox feed featuring Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, but head of live sports Jim DeLorenzo said the feedback was extremely positive.

H/T Fox Sports