Sinclair Finally Hires ND in DC


The rumor had been going around for the last week and it is now finally fact.

After interviewing a number of internal candidates, Sinclair figured the best person for the job was someone from the outside.

WJLA has named Cheryl Carson as their new News Director in DC. Props for Sinclair for hiring a female to the top job.

Carson was the News Director at Tegna’s KING in Seattle, before leaving the station a couple of weeks ago.

The interesting dynamic here is that Carson comes from a Tegna station and basically has the Tegna handbook on how they do things. At WJLA, Carson will be going up against Tegna’s WUSA in the market.

WJLA is basically a train-wreck right now and it needs a lot of work. Time will tell if Carson is the one to do that?

Stay tuned…