Another National News Service Has Launched

Look out Fox News, MSNBC and CNN….

Another national news service has launched, but I don’t think the cable news nets are getting too worried.

A new 24-hour news network known as NewsNet has launched and say that it aims to break away from the opinion-based programming that’s become prominent on 24-hour news channels.

NewsNet was built by the team responsible for launching several 24/7 local news channels, including northern Michigan’s MI News 26 and News Channel Nebraska, which reaches much of eastern Nebraska.

NewsNet says that with affiliates in 18 markets across the country, NewsNet’s signal reaches approximately 30 million potential viewers via antenna.

30 million potential viewers, but it is likely that just a couple thousand will be watching.

As for talent that have reached out to people with years of Journalism experience. OK…maybe not years.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.31.09 AM.png

Anchor Remington Hernandez is just 20 years old and according to his social media, he says, “I'm delivering all of the breaking news you need with my golden voice.”

NewsNet claims that they are going to offer up unbiased news and will not be in the bag for either the right or the left.

Maybe someone should have told Remington that was the plan? This picture posted to his Facebook doesn’t exactly screen unbiased if you ask us:

Time will tell if NewsNet can really make any inroads in the 24 hour news world, but we’re not going to hold our breath.

Just saying….