2019: The Year Fox News Pulls Back From Trump?

Donald Trump started 2019, just like he ended 2018, calling the media “Fake News.”

Here was his “inspiring” tweet to the American people:

Trump did not talk to the press often in 2018 and when he did, most often it was to Fox News.

But, 2019 could be the year that Trump and Fox News break up.

Many expect that 2019 will be a rocky year for Trump to say the least. A number of people, including Republicans think it is a good bet that Trump does not make it through the year. With the Special Counsel and the State of New York deeply into investigations against him and his inner circle, you could see Trump leave office before the end of the year.

If Trump goes down in flames, Fox News does not want to go down with him. Already, you are seeing a number of Trump supporters at Fox News starting to distance themselves from the President. It’s almost like they are making their way to the lifeboat before the ship goes down.

Sean Hannity has gone all in with Trump. Trump calls Hannity many times a week and one source says that Hannity is the one telling Trump not to back down on “The Wall.”

But, Hannity has seen his viewers drop since the midterm elections and even some hard core Hannity viewers are starting to grow weary of his all Trump, all the time shows.

Also, hard core Trump supporters are starting to admit that Trump is not straight up with the American people.

While the stock market was continuing its climb that started long before Trump took office, Trump took all the credit for it.

But, when the market just had its worse year in over a decade, Trump has barely mentioned the market.

Now he is trying to take credit for the low gas prices.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.04.06 AM.png

I’m sorry, but this guy is more than a little off and I get the feeling that 2019 is not going to be a good year for Donald Trump.

I also think it will be the year that Fox News will distance themselves from the President before the implosion.

Time will tell if we’re right.

Stay tuned…