Reporter's Stalker Pleads Guilty

WAAY (Huntsville) Reporter Scottie Kay was in court yesterday coming face to face with the man that stalked her.

Thomas Shedd pleaded guilty to stalking and harassing communications and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Shedd walked up to her at an event and then became fixated on her. He followed her on all forms of social media and showed up a neighbor's house with her photo from her station's website, demanding to see her.

After posting inappropriate comments on social media, he began delivering gifts to her station, wanting to speak to her.

According to court documents, on or about June 24, 2018, Shedd “intentionally and repeatedly follows, harasses, telephones, or initiates communication, verbally, electronically or otherwise” with Kay, her family and her new station and “causes material harm to the mental or emotional health…or causes such person to reasonably fear that his or her employment, business, or career is threatened.”

Shedd was arrested in September. His mug shot shows what he looked like after meeting Kay’s father when Shedd showed up at the restaurant where the family was eating.


I don’t know about you, but after looking at the mugshot, I’m think that Kay’s Dad might have to be FTVLIve’s Hero of the week.

Just saying….