It Happened Again!

You have to wonder if he was thinking of Jeremy Kappell as he was reading the story?

KTVI (St. Louis) Anchor Kevin Steincross was reading a story on the station’s morning news show, when he said an upcoming tribute to the civil rights icon at St. Louis University would honor “Martin Luther coon Jr”

Later in the morning newscast, Steincross took to the air to say he was sorry.

The St. Louis County NAACP tweeted out their disappointment in Steincross:

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.24.43 AM.png

As for the Tribune station?

A representative for Tribune Broadcasting said it was an unfortunate mistake, and the station will not take additional disciplinary measures against Steincross.

“The Fox2 management team spoke to Kevin following the mistake and we believe that it was truly inadvertent and does not reflect Kevin’s core beliefs,” a Tribune spokesperson said a written statement. “Kevin is extremely upset by the mistake and regrets it deeply.”

This is a much different outcome than that of WHEC Weatherman Jeremy Kappell.

Kappell also said “Martin Luther coon King” and he was fired from his job. It took Kappell days to say he was sorry and when he did so, it almost always included a qualifier.

This is the latest example of broadcasters making the same mispronunciation of King’s name, sparking debates over whether they revealed racism or were just simple mistakes.

FTVLive will add, that all these mistakes were made by white male Anchors.

Just saying…

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch