Jeremy Kappell Moves into His 14 Minute of Fame

WHEC (Rochester) fired Weatherman Jeremy Kappell for saying the words "Martin Luther coon King Junior park."

After his firing, Kappell spent much of the first day trying to say that others have done the same thing and not saying he was sorry.

Then he finally got around to saying he was sorry, but it always seemed to come with a disclaimer.

Kappell insisted that he never said the word “coon.”

Now, in talking with Forbes, Kappell says that if you heard the word “coon” then maybe it is you that is racist?

This is what he had to say,

“We are all shaped by our environments and our personal experiences. Essentially, whether we want to admit it our not, we all have inherent biases through which we see the world. We are ALL biased and to some degree prejudiced by the lens of beliefs that may be far from the truth. For those that heard "that word", I think it speaks more to the biases of the listener than it does from those who made the verbal stumble. Keep in mind, this exact same stumble over the words "Dr. Martin Luther King Junior" have been made at least three times on air over the last 15 years. There's a reason for that. Something I've learned since, is a term known as a "spoonerism". This is the combining of two words into one. In this case, as in the other three cases mentioned, I made accidentally combined the words "King + Junior". Now had I completely the spoonerism, I would've arrived at "Kunior". Unfortunately for me, I stopped myself halfway through before correcting to "King Junior." It was a rather unfortunate, and now costly mistake to me and my family.”