Cleveland Weatherman Explains Why He's Off the Air?

WJW Meteorologist AJ Colby has been missing from the air and some viewers have been wondering if the Tribune station had kicked Colby to the curb?

The Weatherman took to the station’s website to explain why he has been M-I-A:

Dear Fox 8 Family,

Many of you have expressed concern regarding my whereabouts recently having not seen me on our newscasts through the month of December. I want to express to you how much that truly warms my heart…first that you’ve noticed, and second that you care so much to write and call! This means the world to me.

I just wanted to share with you that I had surgery on my hand, but the recovery time varies for each individual. This is taking a little longer to heal than I had hoped. As of now, I plan to return to work within the next few weeks. I’m waiting for my surgeon to clear me to resume my regular duties. As much as I want to return right away, I’m leaving the ultimate decision up to the expert. I have never performed hand surgery (which is probably a plus for everyone), therefore I will defer to the expert. As soon as I am given the all-clear, I’ll be back at work.

Again, thank you so much for your heartfelt messages of concern. Your genuine sentiments are just one of the reasons that I love our Fox 8 viewers.

AJ Colby

Let’s give the guy a hand.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.