Could it be 1988 All Over Again in Miami?


Along with spinning off WPIX in New York, Nexstar plans on selling off WSFL, the Tribune station in Miami.

As a CW station, WSFL is not much of a player in the Miami market, but that could change.

Nexstar plans of spinning off WSFL, that is a fact… here comes the speculation.

One buyer that might be interested in buying WSFL is Fox Television. The Miami market boast both and NBC and a CBS O&O and Fox might want an O&O in the market as well.

WSVN is the Fox affiliate and it is one of the most successful Fox affiliates in the country. Fox Television would love to buy WSVN, but owner Ed Ansin has no urge to sell.

So, could Fox buy WSFL and turn it into the Fox O&O?

It is very possible and WSVN would be stuck without an affiliation, or move over to the less attractive CW.

Back in the late 80’s, NBC pulled their affiliation from WSVN and WSVN moved over to Fox which at the time was only providing network programing 3 days a week.

WSVN turned to news to survive and has become one of the most successful local news operations in the country.

So, if WSVN loses their Fox affiliation, don’t look for the station to die. Ed Ansin put most of his eggs in the news basket and it was a very wise move.

Other station could learn a lesson from WSVN.

Stay tuned…