Thrown Out!

The House hearing with Jack Dorsey of Twitter took a bizarre turn when right wing activist and want to be Reporter Laura Loomer stood up and interrupted the hearing.

Loomer was shouting the nonsense that the right is being "shadow banned" from Twitter and other social media. 

It was not long that news of Loomer's hissy fit starting trending on Twitter, which kind of blows a hole into the whole "shadow banning" thing, if she was trending on Twitter, don't you think? 

BTW- if Loomer's name sounds familiar to you, you might remember that she was almost hired as a Reporter at Meredith's KVVU in Las Vegas. That is until FTVLive shed some light on all that.  

After FTVLive exposed what was happening, KVVU plug the plug on Loomer's hiring and also got rid of the News Director that wanted to hire her. 

Here is her latest "LOKK AT ME" act on the house floor. A Congressman tries to drown her out by acting like an auctioneer. 

You can't make this shit up.