Sin City News Director FIRED!


FTVLive has been reporting on the odd and quite honestly, shocking behavior and comments coming out of the KVVU-TV Las Vegas news director's office. Meredith took action and the official line is, "mutually agreed to part ways". In other words, Cristi Jessee was fired.

In recent weeks, Jesse had cozied up to activist Laura Loomer. So much so, Loomer  was to be hired by Jessee as a reporter. When FTVLive broke that story, the Meredith suits stepped in and not only stopped Loomer from being hired, but sent Jessee packing after she lost confidence of the room.

It's hard to imagine the leader of a newsroom and supposedly a journalist, even considering making a hire like that. Jessee described herself as, "not your typical news director".

Now, she is listing herself on social media as a "free agent."