CNN Rips Fox News for Kavanaugh Interview


While many thought that Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum asked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh some solid questions and did not go easy on him, others did not.

“That’s why they chose Fox News,” Powers said. “They knew it would be an easy interview, and it would be a sympathetic interviewer… which it was,” said CNN contributor Kirsten Powers.

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik who spends so much time on CNN, he should be on their payroll, says, “…the interview was structured so that it felt as if you were watching a defense attorney leading her client through questions and answers that would raise the allegations and then allow the client to knock them down without serious pushback. It is a trick sympathetic TV interviewers have borrowed from the courtroom.”

The idea that a Supreme Court nominee would sit down for a TV interview during the confirmation process is highly unusual.

Basically MacCallum knew that no matter what she asked, she was going to get criticized. It comes with landing the interview that everyone else wanted to get.

MacCallum’s interview was solid and it surely was better having a news person at Fox News doing it and not some idiot like Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson.

We give her a B+ for the job she did.