Alisyn Camerota: The Sexual Harassment and Bullying at Fox News

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota used to work at Fox News and she is saying that working at FNC was not easy, especially if you are a woman.

She claims that women were subjected to more than sexual harassment at Fox News.

“Certainly, there is sexual harassment and it is unpleasant, and it was certainly unpleasant to be on the receiving end of that,” Camerota told BuzzFeed News. “But even on the days when that wasn't happening, there was an all-powerful man who held the keys to your future in his palm and who wielded power in a really sort of unpleasant, bullying way.”

She told “Profile” host Audie Cornish how female Fox News employee had to endure other forms of harassment and bullying.

“The sexual harassment was the least of it,” she continued. “There was sexual harassment and there was emotional harassment. And there was sort of bullying and there was ideological harassment.”

Camerota worked at Fox News as a reporter and weekend anchor for over a decade.

During the interview, she also talked about how O'Reilly, who was accused of making unwanted advances towards women and retaliating against them when they refused his ludicrous offers, managed to keep his actions under wraps for a very long time.

“He kept everyone sort of silent and secretive. And afterwards, when it started to come out, many of us had conversations of, ‘Lesson learned, from now on we will talk to each other,’” Camerota added. “Imagine the strength that we all would have had if we’d locked arms and marched in to HR, or locked arms and marched into his office and said 'No more.'”

“I hope it’s generational. I hope that this is a generation of men — all in the Harvey Weinstein age, Roger Ailes was a little older — that they are becoming extinct, one way or another,” Camerota told the host.

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