Oh Lord...


Longtime TV News Director and GM Bill Lord has retired from the business a few years ago.

Lord ran TV newsrooms in Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles and at WJLA in Washington D.C. topping out as General Manager of WJLA.

So what do retired TV news executives do? Write a book.

Lord did just that and it’s called “50 Years After Vietnam.”

He was a young draftee to the Vietnam war and he says learned how to manage a newsroom by his time on the battlefield. Seems about right.

“We were orphans out there on the battlefield,” Lord writes. “No one could tell us what we were fighting for and many of our fellow Americans had begun to hate us.”

50 Years After Vietnam features excerpts from the letters Lord wrote home from the war, which became increasingly cynical and fearful as his time in Vietnam continued. The book provides a brutally honest assessment of what these young soldiers, who were little more than children at the time, did to survive.

If you want to check the book out, here’s a link.