Bad Angle

Fox News entertainer and spewer of hate Laura Ingraham was talking to former Special Prosecutor Ken Starr about the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Ingraham says that she remembers 1998 like it was yesterday and said that Bill Clinton’s approval rating was in the “low 40’s” and then went up after his impeachment.

She asked Starr, does he think that will happen when her friend Donald Trump is impeached?

First, for someone that remembers 1998 “like it was yesterday,” she is way off on Clinton’s approval rating in 1998.

Here’s chart and as you can see in 1998 Clinton’s approval rating was much closer to 60% (an area Trump can only dream about) and nowhere close to the “low 40’s.”

It is a proven fact that Trump has told a large number of lies, I guess Laura Ingraham figures if the President can do it, so can she.

Below is the clip with Starr.

We report. You decide.