Club MK

NBC is still trying to figure out how to fox their huge mistake of hiring Megyn Kelly. 

Kelly's ratings have been awful, her diva attitude has rankled the staff and it just is not working. But, NBC is taking a page out straight out of the Oprah way and hoping to shower the studio audience that shows up to watch Kelly's low rated show with gifts. 

They have started "Club MK" and now they have a firm reaching out to businesses to try and get them to donate product that they can give-a-away to the studio audience. 

While Oprah was handing out cars to the audience, Kelly is giving them a years' supply of biscotti. 

So, now they are sending out this email to companies hoping to up the ante. 

You know even the company in charge of trying to get gifts for "Club MK" is ashamed, when they start the pitch off with, "Hesitant to run this by you but thought I should...."

Here's the email: 

Hesitant to run this by you but thought I should. Any interest in the below TODAY giveaway opp in conjunction with Megyn Kelly TODAY and the daily giveaway segment, “Club MK”, where they celebrate the studio audience by sending them home with an amazing giveaway. The brand or company that participates receives its own on-air plug as well as a post on the website ( with a direct link to the product. In addition, one lucky online winner will receive the giveaway by entering a digital sweepstakes. They need a total of 230 units to give away with a minimum value of $100 per unit (could be a gift card).

Here are a few samples from recent Club MK giveaways:

Please let me know thoughts.